Your Capacity

Your capacity is never in question. YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

That is to say, it IS. I can’t put it any plainer than that. It IS. Not something that would be there if only you were smarter, better looking, more worldly, less worldly, a “better” person (that one’s especially laughable, because who’s to say what a “better person” even IS? more on that: HERE) tried harder, were patient, were quicker, were slower, were less angry at the world, were more angry at the world, were richer, were poorer, and blahblahblah….. (the BBB factor of it, as a friend of mine and I like to call it) or any other variables you can come up with that might obliterate your HAVING limitless capacity. They don’t exist.

There are no such variables where there’s certainty. The capacity is yours. Already. It’s there. It IS.

Our ability to acknowledge, access, and utilize our capacity? That– we each have to work for.

Don’t sonofabitch the life lessons. They’re building the muscles you need to more readily recognize your capacity.

Grab the horns of whatever bull of a challenge that’s been thrown your way today and you ride that mofo until the end, knowing that you’ll come out on top even if it doesn’t look like it at the time it’s occurring. It’s not happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you.

Every challenge we encounter is the universe attempting to assure us of our capacity. And luckily for us, it NEVER stops trying.

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