Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

If you've "cleared your cupboards" of the first 3 discards on our list, you may not be feeling the same measure of relief you first felt upon learning there was no food listed among the five. You may have realized that discarding the emotional junk in your cupboards is what eventually leads to easier identification … Continue reading Ditch these last 2 for weight loss

Discarding the FIVE 1)self-hatred

Happy New Year! If you read the last post, you're ready to get down to the business of discarding the first five. I love discarding! Discarding is the new collecting. Or should be anyway. But that's a post of its own, so we won't go there today, but suffice it to say that letting go … Continue reading Discarding the FIVE 1)self-hatred

Weight loss on your goal list? Then say goodbye to these 5 things:

2021 is nearly here (was that a collective whoop for joy I just heard?) and with that, many will begin as they begin every new year, with resolutions. I'm not one of them (I do this instead) but I'm not knocking you if you are. I love fresh starts and I absolutely love the idea … Continue reading Weight loss on your goal list? Then say goodbye to these 5 things:

You’re plenty enough- Part 2

If you can become aware that you are enough AS IS, then you do as you do with purpose behind the DOING rather than the BEING. That is to say, you have grasped the understanding that your being is not reliant on your doing, because your being already IS. The mantra "You don't have to … Continue reading You’re plenty enough- Part 2

You’re plenty enough- Part 1

I was essentially told this morning to “drop this and zip it”🤐 giving you ample opportunity to digest the message and interpret it in a way that most serves you as you gear up and greet the day. In what way does "you don't have to be superior to be significant" speak to you? Consider … Continue reading You’re plenty enough- Part 1

Tuesday Tip: build and endure

*A side note before we begin: For those wondering: I bought this magnetic message board last month and am divinely guided in laying out a message each day. It pretty much works like this: I send up a plea to the universe for direction (more accurately described lately as a scream of HELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!) and guidance … Continue reading Tuesday Tip: build and endure