Your own BS is a wily creature

( 3 minute read)

As a continued extension of my efforts to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, I’m taking a step back and making a renewed resolution to not censor myself in my writing. Or my anywhere. wow, did I really just say anywhere? oh my…

At all.

I’m talking 100% throw-my-truths-out-there-for-consumption-let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may complete and utter candor.

I believe outright and unmitigated honesty is a direct path toward toward growth and healing… our own and that of others who find solace and inspiration in shared experiences. Therefore, it’s been laid on my heart not to hold back.

That said, my first act of complete and utter candor is acknowledging that I will many times be operating in a state of self-bullshitting without knowing it. That is to say that I may believe I’m standing in my truth, speaking and moving in the direction of these beliefs and living their outcomes, unaware that I’m lying to myself.

Until I am shown otherwise.

Because I’m human and that is what humans do.


that’s where we start, not where we stay.

The magic of “until I’m shown otherwise” is all about what we DO with what’s revealed to us.

We can attempt to continue on as we have been, which will be challenging because it will involve struggling to unknow what we now know (more on that in future posts) or we can acknowledge and utilize (yes, you will hear me use those words repeatedly and endlessly because they are KEY to our empowerment) the information about ourselves that we have been given.

If you ask to be shown your bullshit, the universe will deliver. This is one of those times where people will caution: be careful what you ask for.

I’m not a caution-er. I understand your capacity. You were made for this. All of it.

What is destined to be revealed to you is done in an intended time frame that is not of your making. The universe is not limited by time and its constructs as we are in this world. Grasping this is crucial in your understanding that there is no shame in not knowing what you didn’t know before you knew it. If you were meant to have known it any sooner, you would have.

Repeat that to yourself. OFTEN.

There is no shame in not knowing what you didn’t know before you knew it. If you were meant to have known it any sooner, you WOULD HAVE.


So silence any “regrets” and forget the coulda-shoulda-woulda-s.

This is how it’s been put to me: you’ll bullshit yourself about a multitude of matters at hand until you’re meant to do otherwise, at which point you’ll have been given the tools required to deem doing so unnecessary.

Soul training.

We’re learning to stand in our truth. It’s a process, not a once and done.

All that’s worthwhile always is.

And that’s no bullshit.

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