The Curse of The Coulda-Shoulda-Wouldas

It’s not your fault. You know- that thing (s) you did “wrong” in the back of your mind, sometimes insinuating itself to the front of your mind, aggressively spreading its big ass across even the little nooks and crannies of your mind, eventually invading every facet of your waking, and quite possibly, sleeping hours? That’s the thing I’m talking about. Grab that thing with the meaty paw of your inner recognition while I say it again: It’s not your fault. Okay, are you getting this? I’m going to shout it this time and then I want you to release whatever your thing is. Don’t panic if you have more than one- just work on them one at a time, Here we go: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!! Now let it go. Wait- it’s still there? Okay doubters- read on…

I see you. Or rather, the Masters see you, and before I’d even finished my coffee this morning, they were all over me to sit down and get this message out because you need it for your mission. And need it. That part goes without saying, because every message that comes through me, though appearing to be from me, is actually for me. And therein lies the magic! So thank you for that and yes, I’ll now get to the point… You are not wandering around alone and unseen by the universe. This is why I’m aware of the fact that right now you are disagreeing with me, because if only you coulda-shoulda-woulda, you would not at this time be: __________ (fill in YOUR blank) divorced, broke, in a job you hate, alone, hungover, overweight, out of shape, uneducated, yada yada yada, etc. and so forth. If only you coulda-shoulda-woulda done this-that-or the other (which always pairs nicely with the coulda-shoulda-wouldas) your life as you know it at this point would be completely different. It would be spectacular, in fact! But you didn’t. You were an asshole, you made decisions you now question- the this-that-and-the-other that you didn’t choose then but you’re just sure now would have been the better route to take, but you didn’t and so now you’re stuck. You’re stuck here, living a life that you are not meant to be living because you coulda-shoulda-woulda, but you didn’t and now that’s it. You’re old, you blew it, it sucks, and it’s your fault. Hold up here because I’m going to need to get a judge’s ruling on that… BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  The ruling is: BULLSHIT!

Pull your feet from that metaphorical tar pit and get ready to rejoice: you are not stuck! If you believe the life you’re living at this moment is not the one you’re meant to be living, understand that your recognition of this is not meant as a punishment or a means of making you second guess yourself, but rather as a gentle nudge to push you in a new direction. Yes, you could have made different decisions in the past. Perhaps there were times when poor judgement, impaired thinking, or just plain old being human, led you to people/places/situations that were not in your best interest, taking you in a direction that appeared to you to be far off course from your desired destination. One word for you: REROUTING. After making a wrong turn on the highway do you pull your car to the side of the road, park it and decide the trip is over just because you went in a different direction? Of course not! And I’ll bet you don’t stand and kick the shit out of your tires in punishment either. Though having a desired destination is an essential means to getting us into the vehicle and beginning the journey, understanding that there are an infinite amount of routes that can take us there is crucial in empowering us to get there. And beyond there, but let’s save that for another day…

Acknowledge and appreciate the roads you’ve traveled that have allowed you to discern between that which got you closer to your destination over that which took you further away, possibly causing maximum damage and undue wear and tear on your vehicle. Above all else: show the driver respect and quit your blaming. The outcome of the trip is fully dependent on the well-being of the driver, and for that YOU are fully responsible. 

An excellent work of fiction that’ll make you think twice about your regrets, reminding you that the you who’s judging your past decisions is not the same you who made those decisions.

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