You’re ALREADY doing it

Perhaps you have a niggling sense of a gift you possess somewhere within yourself, but you “don’t know what you should do with it.” Or maybe you’re well aware of your gift and believe yourself to be utilizing it but you’re “not doing enough with it.” Or quite possibly others have surmised (and then were kind enough to inform you) that you are “wasting” your

choose as many as apply:

  • education
  • talent
  • looks
  • youth
  • retirement
  • skills
  • and any of the MANY other possible things that you


Is this you? Are you reading this and identifying with the notion that you are wasting your gifts, squandering your skills, and pretty much squirreling the days of your life away while the hands on the clock continue their ever quickening passage into the future? Or more to the point- YOUR future? A future where fear has led you to believe that you may end up with absolutely nothing to “show for your life because you WASTED WHAT YOU HAD?

Good news: that’s all crap.

Yeah, I said it… CRAP.

Nothing you’ve done is ever a waste. You don’t have to know the purpose of the many pieces of the puzzle that is your life to understand by faith that each and every one of them has a purpose. EACH AND EVERY ONE.

What I’ve come to realize is that we can expand on the wisdom of “wherever you go, there you are” to include doing what you DO.”

Wherever you go, there you are, doing what you do.

Because actually, whatever your “thing” is? You’re already doing it to some extent; an extent that is not static, and will broaden if/when/as it’s meant to.

Your ability to lead, invoke, engage, understand, fire up, calm down, figure out, question, answer, perceive, motivate, withstand, abandon, speak, listen, hear, shout, whisper, reason, appreciate, serve, accompany, agree, contradict…

Need I continue?

You’re doing it. And you’re going to keep doing it because it’s who you are.

Your purpose is dynamic and ever changing. The puzzle pieces are revealed as you go, each one a hard-earned clue into the ones yet to come. We’re not to sweat the pieces that haven’t come, but to appreciate the ones we’ve locked down so far, allowing them to fuel us into continuation.

Of all the master lessons laid on my heart thus far, this one in particular fuels my steps each day because I NEEDED TO KNOW THIS to keep going. I often questioned my choices in life, wondering if I’d squandered my gifts and skills rather than “using” them. You see, the world has a way of making us believe that if we don’t receive a paycheck for what we’re doing it has no value. It’s easy to buy into that belief if you aren’t yet aware of a bigger picture.

A piece of it was blessedly revealed to me.

The bigger picture showed me that I’ve spent my life doing exactly as the universe intended: encouraging others’ awareness of light and capacity that I easily recognize in them. In every role I’ve inhabited in life- parent, partner, friend, co-worker, sibling, etc… I’ve been doing what I do.

I may have been working a different jobs that earned me a monetary paycheck, but my main goal (often unconsciously) was always doing what I do.

As all gifts within each of us, the power of this gift was not given to me for me, but as a means to serve the greater good. As Pastor AR Bernard says:

“Power is not FOR YOU- it’s given to you to serve people.”

-Pastor AR Bernard

I don’t have to affect the multitudes to the extent that Tony Robbins is to appreciate the positive difference I have the capacity to make in every opportunity I’m given to do so. That realization is KEY to understanding the equal importance in EACH of our roles here and acknowledging that we need not be superior to one another to be significant.

Don’t ever let anybody convince you that your contributions are any less significant just because they appear to be on a smaller scale. The worldly scale is an inaccurate form of measurement. Every individual effort is a contribution into the collective energy of the masses.

Each effort matters.

And you’re doing it.

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