8 word question to aid in direction

For an entirely too short period of time my childhood self was not burdened by the “have to-s” of life. You know: you have to do thisthatortheother and it has to look like thisthatortheother and Nobody. Actually. Knows. Why. but


So we line up with the others, get in step, and go along.

Until we stop and wonder where the fuck we’re actually going and begin to question why we’re doing so.

My inner childhood self, or shall we say deeper, untarnished level of self, acting as the internal GPS responsible for my rerouting plan, broke it down for me with this 8 word question:

“Who says so and why should I care?”

That’s how I’m UN-learning the have to-s. Flipping them on their ass and asking questions that I’ve been wondering about for far longer than I’ve been asking about.

And I’m not the only one that’s been wondering. I KNOW this.

It’s not that there’s not have to-s in this world. We’re having a human being experience here and it appears that being human does require some have to-s.

But yours are between you and YOU.

Ask the question. Assess the answer. Re-route as inspired to.

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