Want results? Channel Steve Rogers

  Why am I advising you to look to alter-ego Steve Rogers instead of  Captain America for motivation? Because without Steve Rogers there would be no Captain America. Steve Rogers created Captain America long before he received the dose of serum that transformed his body into the masterpiece of physical stamina that could now serve to complement the … Continue reading Want results? Channel Steve Rogers

Try it: 100 Push-ups a day challenge

I know 100 sounds like a lot when you see it in print like that, especially when we're talking about push-ups, but let me assure you- it's totally doable and you're going to feel like a beast within a week of beginning. Wait- you do want to feel like a beast, right? I guess I just … Continue reading Try it: 100 Push-ups a day challenge

What say you?

Let's say you've made a resolution to lose weight. Just a guess... You've read positive research about the benefits of walking and decide that along with learning to eat healthier, you'll start logging in those 10,000 steps quoted in another study you've read deemed to be a reasonable amount for a healthy adult. Then you tell a friend. Turns … Continue reading What say you?


A year has come and gone since I made my year without booze pledge. As I ponder the "so now what?" question, a particular night in July begs to take center stage in my conscious mind.  As hubby, friends, and I make our way through the crowded streets of downtown Nashville on that scorching July … Continue reading Alone