Don’t take my word for it

Don’t let anyone convince you of anything just because they say it’s so. How does anyone know what’s so for you? And if it does turn out to be so, how can they know it’s the same so as the so that is for them? They can’t! What is so for you will always be different than the so that is for someone else because we are each different. Am I saying that you shouldn’t listen and learn from the wisdom of others? Absolutely not! There is so much to learn from everybody you meet, hear from or read about. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t blindly follow the advice of anyone else without considering what is being said and weigh it out for yourself. If truth or interest resonates in it for you, investigate it further. If you don’t have peace with a concept, idea, or practice, don’t try to convince yourself otherwise just because “it works for everybody else.”  As a person who gets very passionate about the things I believe in (especially when I believe they can inspire or help someone else) my expressive manner of speaking (often loudly and generally with an array of facial, hand and body gestures) has sometimes been misinterpreted by others to mean that I think my so is the only so. But I don’t. In my heart of hearts, my true belief is that we are each meant to interpret and believe in a variety of ways for the purpose of gathering information that is unique to each of our journeys and we should aid each other in that endeavor, rather than get in one another’s way.

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