Forget the numbers

You are not a number. Who you are cannot be represented by a number on a scale, by a calendar, or in a checkbook. The world makes assumptions based on numbers, but we can choose not to adhere to them by teaching ourselves to access the true core of our existence and see beyond these assumptions. This is no easy task. The very second I become overwhelmed in various situations, my mind will immediately begin to tally up all the various numbers of my person and try to convince me that I just don’t measure up. I have learned that these are the times I must pull myself back into stillness and become centered on what I know from within instead of that which has insinuated itself into my mind throughout my human experience.

If you are like me, being still is not an art that comes naturally. In fact, it’s generally only after I realize that I am in the midst of hypering myself into a frenzy (generally when I’m over-tired and overwhelmed–as is true for most of us) and am not proud of the energy I’m bringing to whatever space I’m in, I will realize that I have become “ungrounded”. Grounding oneself can be as simple as going to a quiet place (the outdoors and by a tree are particularly helpful, but even sitting on the floor of any place you can get some privacy for a few moments will work) and letting yourself be. Clear your mind. Breathe. Know what you know without needing “proof”of it. Love who you are, as you are at this very moment. It’s the only moment there is. We all come unglued sometimes. Patch yourself back together, dust yourself off, forgive yourself for being human and begin again. As many times as you need.

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