Your timeless superpower

As we usher out another year, note that we do this together. I’ve been reminded that though it often feels as though we’re wandering alone amidst a sea of strangers looking to “find one face that ain’t looking through me”) in actuality we are energetically linked. All that we do, all that we are, all that we put out there- ALL of it has a ripple effect on one another and the all that IS. We are building this “IS” together whether we realize it, welcome, or reject it. To acknowledge that we’re not actually on this journey alone is to open and avail ourselves to the possibility of a collaborative energy more powerful than we can achieve on our own. This energetic flow has the capacity to fuel or deplete the collective whole depending on how we choose to use it. Your energy is your superpower. This power has the capacity to build up or tear down, encourage or dissuade, create or destroy, lift or lower. You see where I’m going here. It is POWER. As a superhero (superpower=superhero, you know how this works) you are responsible for it. Period. Training for optimal use of your superpower is your journey, with life and its challenging soul workouts bringing about the growth that will serve to hone your abilities in wise power usage. Though you may not be aware of it, you’re further in your training than you have the human capacity to comprehend, but less far than you inherently desire. This ratio serves to keep you going.

Though every new moment is actually an opportunity to “start afresh,” the beginning of a new year is just that– new and this newness holds the promise of unknown possibilities. Possibilities always exist but we often get so caught up in the day to day-ness of our days that we require occasional events and circumstances to jolt us into recognition of what we’ve overlooked. In this case, the wake-up call that another year has passed. Allow this to inspire rather than depress you! Let this be the year limiting resolutions are thrown by the wayside while making a commitment to your entire wellbeing. Rather than a finite resolve to change, be, or look “better” in any way, commit to opening yourself to the discomfort that training in self-awareness will challenge you with, (i.e. EMBRACE soul training) understanding your ability to do so will bring about growth that organically brings about ALL the changes you desire (body/being/life) in their own time. Accept and acknowledge that you are ALREADY ENOUGH AS IS, repeating that mantra to yourself endlessly until you believe it. Train to see yourself with eyes capable of loving yourself, recognizing that doing so is truly our soul’s journey, allowing us to perceive others in this lovelight as well. We’re not training to achieve perfection, but to generate healing that leads to wholeness, fortifying our superpower. Operate in the awareness that you’re not training alone. Recognize those among you as tribemates on this journey. While their training and journey are individual to them, they are enduring challenges as well. Show them the peaceful grace and space to do so, understanding that you are indeed capable of it. Above all, conceive that you needn’t rely solely on yourself to navigate your journey. Divine guidance will avail itself to you as you seek it. You were divinely guided into this world, you’ll be divinely guided out of this world, and therefore it’s not illogical to believe that you are divinely guided while IN this world. It’s your birthright; accept and utilize it and your possibilities become limitless.

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