Simplified Start

Let’s not waste time with words today. It’s the first Monday of a new year and you want change. Period. Regardless of what you’re working on, a willingness to apply this action to your life is essential: GET UNCOMFORTABLE. That’s how you start. Simple, right? Show up 100% daily to do the work with a willingness to get uncomfortable. That’s ALL you have to do! It’s the LA Holmberg-no fail formula for success! As my son would say, “that was sarcasm, right mom?” Why, yes it was, Karl! Because A) The ALL of getting uncomfortable is no easy effort and B) There is rarely a one-formula-fits-all solution and C) no strategy or lesson is “mine“- anything I share has been divinely gifted to me for that purpose and universal truths and philosophies are not new- they’ve been discovered and re-discovered and will continue to be rediscovered in a variety of forms perpetually and D) Success has an infinite amount of meanings. Blaze a trail to your own meaning unapologetically. Now the disclaimers: simple doesn’t mean easy and you WILL fail. Failure is the point. It’s how you get it. The goal isn’t not to fail, but to adjust your perception of failure, understanding that failure is something to strive for rather than avoid. Failure means you’re IN THE THICK OF IT and you’re DOING THIS THING. So get to work. Work to failure. It’s how we grow.


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