It’s all about you

Good news: you’re completely and utterly responsible for your treatment in this life.

Bad news: you’re completely and utterly responsible for your treatment in this life.

Truth: it’s only bad news when you don’t know how to wield that responsibility.

Good news: you can learn.

You’ll note that I will always deliver the fact that good news reigns superior because we can always learn.

If you’re not satisfied with your relationships or general treatment from others at this point in time, your lessons may need to begin with understanding and utilizing boundaries.

Boundaries are essential, empowering, and FREEING.

If you’re like me and instilling boundaries is not naturally part of your default mode, don’t despair. There has been much studied and written on the subject to help you. Do your research and find what resonates for you. I found The Book of Boundaries: Set the Limits That Will Set You Free by Melissa Urban to be both entertaining and valuable in my continued quest to understand and apply some necessary guardrails.

Boundaries are no once and done. You can think you’ve grasped them only to find an area in your life where a lax border needs some tightening and you realize you’ve become remiss in tending to your needs.

As always, pay attention to signs from your body. Having experienced some neck issues this past year, I sought traditional treatment but was discouraged by my slow progress. I knew there was something I was missing. I meditated/prayed on it until I was given divine answers. In this case, they came in the form of a picture and words.

I was shown a group of turtles. Only one had it’s neck stuck out. The words told to me were: why are you the only one sticking your neck out?

There’s nothing wrong with sticking your neck out sometimes. But if you’ve forgotten you’re not the only one around you who has a neck, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and assess.


Be mindful of the turtles you allow near your pond.

P.S. my neck is healing nicely.


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