It’s Groundhog’s Day again. And again.

I love a good time loop movie.

The universe gives the main character an opportunity to right something(s) in their life that has caused them to become stuck. They’re generally slow in not only realizing that they are indeed, stuck in any sense of their life, but also that they are in any way responsible for their inability to move forward. So the universe gives them a rewind on a crucial day of their life, allowing them to relive it repeatedly until they finally get it.

And another.

This takes a substantial amount of time as we watch the main character’s emotions shift from puzzlement, to denial, anger, acceptance…

Rewind, repeat. Rewind, repeat. Rewind, repeat.

And finally resolution as they eventually come to realize that THEY are their own way out. Yes Dorothy- you always had the power. So now, just what will they do about it?

I often wished that the universe would grant me the same magical rewind that had been afforded to our clueless main character.

Then my wish was granted!

I realized that I was that clueless main character, wandering around in my ignorant fog, blaming my situation on circumstances, other people, bad luck, or whatever my rationalization of the day happened to be, for the state I’d gotten myself stuck in.

And just like in the movies, this is not the type of awakening recognized in one day and mastered the next. You’ve got to keep waking up day after day, choosing to live a little bit more effectively than you did the day before, focusing on the process of growth rather than the reward of some pre-determined outcome, moving in faith that you’ll eventually find your way forward.

Which will happen in its own time.

Rewind, repeat. Rewind, repeat. Rewind, repeat.

We’re each granted a magical rewind. Daily.

Forget the clock and calendar and be kind to yourself as you do your part in finding your way forward.


2 thoughts on “It’s Groundhog’s Day again. And again.

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  1. Interesting! I feel the message from Groundhog Day, and other time loop stories, is that if we dwell enough upon the past, we can end up learning from it and help shape a better future for ourselves.

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