If you’re doing as you’ve been led to do, don’t throw in the towel the first or 100th! time “logic” (often exacerbated by voices from the crowd) asks you, “what am I getting out of this?” Forget about the return for now and keep moving forward faithfully. Only later is it revealed to us that often what we understand to be our goal was never actually the purpose of the journey, merely the impetus. Hang on and hang in. Ask the universe for help. I’ve been known to go outside and yell to the sky, “I can’t do this by myself! DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE!!” Our pleas are never ignored. Sometimes we just fail to see the help that’s right in front of us because it presents differently than what our expectation or desire decided it “should be”. Open your heart and mind, look again, and be ready to receive. You’ve got everything you need. Just don’t give up.

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