The “right” path

I have realized that any time I am feeling a sense of dissatisfaction or impatience with my own life, it’s because I have allowed myself to become distracted by what the world is telling me I should, would, or could be doing, instead of staying focused on that which I know has been laid on my heart and continuing to do that until I am instructed otherwise. When I note this dissatisfaction in others toward aspects of the lives they’re living, it generally arises from the same place, further cementing my belief that we need to change our perception. What if we realized and were comfortable with, rather than competitive or combative about the fact that we all have different gifts, different responsibilities and different mindsets for a reason? A world where we acknowledged that there was not one correct path, but actually, an infinite amount, and we encouraged one another to seek any path they were guided to, rather than falling into the conditioned habit of labeling and judging? Perhaps then we would eliminate the worldly worry that we “may be on the wrong path” and instead focus on the fact that our simply being on it MAKES it the right path. Unquestionably. Every time.

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