The magic formula. For everything.

It probably won’t surprise you that I believe in magic. Not only do I believe in it and subscribe to it, I endorse it.

In fact, I can’t live without it. Or, wouldn’t want to anyway, which is essentially saying that I can’t because if the spirit no longer wants to be here, the body will eventually align and manifest its means for exit. And that in itself is actually magic. Although some will insist that’s science. But if the amazing world of science isn’t also magical, I don’t know what is! But still-that’s a discussion best saved for another day…

The magic formula for everything is not a figment of my imagination or a misrepresentation I’m spouting off to lure readers. As you may have noticed, I don’t actually do anything to lure readers. I’ve learned I don’t need to.

Because of the magic formula.

And we’ll eventually get to that. But first, the formula itself.

As with everything I share, it’s not new and it’s not a secret so don’t get all up in arms while you’re saying, “I already know that.” Yes! That’s right friend- you already KNOW THIS. But rare is the individual that won’t benefit from being reminded.

The magic formula is: show up consistently and do the work.

“That’s it?” I hear you wondering. As though its simplicity was indicative of EASE.

But the questions that people ask most often speak otherwise:

  • How do I make a habit of working out?
  • How do I eat healthier?
  • How do I become a better parent?
  • How do I navigate my way out of a job I hate?
  • How do build stronger relationships?
  • How do I get my finances in order?
  • How do I take control over the clutter in my home?
  • How do I stop letting people take advantage of my empathic nature and enforce boundaries?
  • How do I _______________?

Regardless of the how do I question, the magic formula is the answer:


That is how you begin. With anything.

HOW you show up and WHAT the work is that you need to do are individual to you and your situation, but your first step will always be acknowledging that you need to be present with your metaphorical sleeves rolled up, ready to work.


Your next steps will be directed from there. (Magic!!) Each step will lead you to resources that can aid your endeavor: professional help, education, community or family support, etc… Each step allows passage to the next. You’re not intended to be aware of every step ahead of time, but rather to focus fully on the step you’re on, moving in faith that you’ll become aware of additional steps as you require them.

When you engage the magic of small, daily disciplines, they add up exponentially over time because they don’t end.

They multiply.

You evolve.

And continue to evolve.

So, what I said earlier about “not needing to lure readers” due to engaging the magic formula?

I’m reminded continuously that luring readers is not my job.

My job is to show up every day and do the work. Each day the work is different and requires varying aspects of what I learn and what I’m shown.

My job is to share, through writing and speaking, as I’m divinely led with the goal to serve others in a manner that lifts and lights. It’s not my business whether the message reaches 1 or 1 million. It will reach those it’s intended to reach.

My job is simply to put it out there so it’s waiting for those who seek it.


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