COMING SOON: Power Steps

How do you walk so fast? Is that something I can learn? How do I get arms like yours?  These are FAQs when I’m out and about, especially after my sister got us started on the 5K walking circuit, introducing us to a new tribe where the collective energy is so dynamic I catch a buzz from it that lasts me the rest of the day. My answer to these FAQs?

  • Training
  • Yes
  • By appreciating and using what you’ve got and doing the work

I’ve been on a fitness training hiatus, focusing on continued education rather than taking on clients, while I meditated on how my gifts could best be used to benefit and serve others. I asked the universe to reveal to me what type of program would encourage others to get past the fears that bring about inertia. What did I need to do? I was given a one word answer: SIMPLIFY. So I listened.

A minimalist at heart, I’ve rerouted this fitness program to reflect a philosophy of simplicity and individualism. Rather than train you in what I know, I’ll be coaching you to uncover the methods and strategies, unique to you, that will empower you on your journey to a healthy body and a thriving life. I’ll guide you in taking power-infused steps in your life, both literally and figuratively, that will give your body and life the jolt you need to get unstuck. And while we’re brainstorming all this, we walk. My walk is not a stroll. It’s a kick-ass trek that’ll leave you breathless and fired up- mentally primed to carry over into the steps you take with the rest of your life. Power Steps. If you’re ready to take them, you’ve come to the right place.


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