You WILL get it

Though you may not ever find yourself trapped in a time loop like Phil Connors, you will notice that when the universe wants to teach you something, the lesson will keep showing up again and again in countless forms in your life until it becomes resolved. Don’t worry about “getting it wrong” or not “getting it” at all, or that you feel as though you fail whenever it presents itself, because you can’t fail. You’re “tested” as many times as it takes you to “pass”. ****We’ll expand on the word failure at a later date, but in the meantime, understand that if you don’t already perceive “failure” as a positive, it’s my aim that one day you will. For now, I’ll just say this:

You don’t have to understand the forces at work in your life that come together to see to it that you get what you need to know- guiding you through countless situations throughout your lifetime in an effort to make you aware of information going on in and around you that is pertinent to your mission. You also don’t need to panic if you don’t understand your “mission”. You will have many, some of which will come to you automatically, others that will only show after tireless effort working toward an unknown goal has been put in, often not knowing what the next step is until you’re actually taking it, and still a greater amount that you may never even be made aware of, the possibly immense ripple effect of which may never be revealed to you. All that’s required on your behalf is an open-hearted willingness to be led in faith, while availing yourself in the manner that becomes laid on your heart. Your lessons are not given with the aim of you getting it “right”, but to make you aware of all that you ARE. One lesson at a time. Time and time again.

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