Friday feeling

Where do messages come from? EVERYWHERE- that’s the magic! Rewind your morning back a bit and recollect: did you see, hear, smell, taste, etc… anything that gave you pause today- possibly setting in motion an array of ideas or a flurry of thoughts, or a lightbulb moment, or maybe just made you smile and remember something that lightened your heart? If you can’t think of anything in particular, no worries- they’re on their way! Watch for them.

One of my first messages of the day came through one of my very favorites: Tom Petty . I was getting my morning field trek on when You Wreck Me shuffled up on my Ipod. And like the old-schooler I truly am, when I say shuffled up I mean shuffled up on an Ipod shuffle.

Just like this one.
With a headset because I’ve yet to find earbuds that are small enough to fit in my size-challenged earholes. Just one more sign that I’m not actually human. 🙂

And the message? Whenever I hear You Wreck Me it reminds me that what breaks us also builds us, and it never fails to put a smile on my face because it brings to mind the people in my life that make the biggest difference in my life. They push me, they teach me, and they often irritate me. They are simultaneously a pain in my ass and my greatest joy. They wreck me. But they move me.

And I couldn’t love them more.

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