The lesson

What was the invaluable lesson I believed the universe was trying to show me that I hinted at in the last post?

Recent occurences in my life had led me to begin to question my truest truths on:

  • recognition
  • money
  • success
  • validation
  • etc…

You get the gist.

So a situation where a person receives nominal pay for an idea that goes on to make large amounts of money and bring notoriety to the buyer due to the seller’s idea, concept, creation, etc… had me wondering about my honest feelings about it. After all, it’s much easier to talk the talk before you’re faced with walking the walk.

Would I truly be at peace with that?

And having established that trying to be a better person is nothing more than a fruitless journey to a fictional destination that does not exist, is being at peace with “going without” synonymous with unconsciously believing you’re somehow “better” than a person who stands in their truth and says, hell yeah, I want the whole kit and caboodle or nothing at all!

Maybe that’s me, after all. Sometimes I’d really like the whole kit and caboodle. Just sayin…

Kevin’s thoughtful comment of  “I would take a positive from it – that if an idea I’ve had can be made that popular/commercially successful by some one else, then I can achieve that also with my next idea. People will always rip others off, but the best path is to rise above it.”

Hear hear!

And I realized, that’s what was occurring to me: the “rising above it”. The traveling of the high road.

Does such a road actually exist, or is it a hop, skip, and a jump away from the fabled Being a “Better” Person Land?

My final answer- which is actually my belief, so don’t feel compelled to take it on as your answer- which can only be found within your own self for yourself in its own time.

The high road exists.

Rising above is different than trying to be a “better” person because it’s not about being a “better” person. It’s about acknowledging and then standing in your truths (higher) by not allowing yourself to be pulled into an energy of thinking, being, or action that doesn’t serve your greater purpose and leaves your Spirit feeling depleted. (lower)

When you feel this depletion, which may vary from subtle to gut wrenching, it’s not that you’ve done wrong, are wrong, or that you’re “bad”. It’s your soul truths surfacing in order to communicate with you and redirect you toward empowerment.

What was communicated to me in regard to my truest truths on recognition, money, success, validation, etc… was that what these things all have in common is not what they signify or how I “should” feel about them. It’s about recognizing how the meaning I attach to them affects how I perceive the life I’m living and my role in it.

Which is ever-changing with no right or wrong answers.

Just more questions.

And growth.

I’ll take the whole kit and caboodle. 😉

****************A quick side note re Kevin’s comment******************

I couldn’t not go over this part of Kevin’s comment because it is SO KEY in one of the main things people (myself included!) need constant reminding of:

“if an idea I’ve had can be made that popular/commercially successful by some one else, then I can achieve that also with my next idea.

PREACH!! Thank you Kevin! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times and I’m going to say it again because we all need to be reminded:

You HAVE within you what you have ALWAYS had within you. Your gifts are inherent and timeless. Ideally you will hone them, strengthen them, continue to educate in them, derive additional passion and respect for them, and GROW THEM, but no matter what, DO NOT DOUBT THEIR EXISTENCE! If they served you once they are equipped to serve you as many times as YOU EMPLOY THEM. What Kevin said about the “next idea”? That’s what I’m talking about- don’t question whether there’s a next in you. KNOW IT.

Then get to work.


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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing your insights on recognizing your truest truths and standing in them. In your reference to the last post, what was the invaluable lesson you believed the universe was trying to show you? I’m curious to know more about it.

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  2. Thank you motiv8n, I appreciate that. I realize sometimes it appears I talk in circles. No wait- – I DO talk in circles! Lol There’s a reason for that and it’s because many times there is no word or even series of words that can convey what I’m trying to communicate, either because I’m not a skilled enough writer or I’m simply not human enough to truly speak the language of words. 😉 But I digress…
    What the lesson is, what I’m reminded of SO VERY OFTEN is that THE THING IS NOT THE THING. It’s the meaning we attach to the “thing” that determines our PERCEPTION of what’s occurring around us, ultimately determining our interpretation of what we consider OUR reality. In a nutshell, everything is and will be what YOU determine it is.


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