Spiritual Confidence 101

According to Hal Slocumb, “brains will only get you so far and luck always runs out.” The Masters add this: “but combined with all you have within, your capacity is more immense than human logic allows you to comprehend. Intelligence and luck have their limits. Spiritual capacity is limitless.” BOOOOOOOOM!! That blows me away with its possibilities…

What I’m shown: in the human sense, you’re a wondrous, though limited individual. Tap into the spiritual resources available to and within you and you become a limitless individual; unconsciously recognizing that you are connected to a collective potential that is far more powerful than your individual, externally measured physical self. External measurements in this case meaning how you “measure up” in the eyes of the physical world: physical appearance, wealth, wellness, intelligence, etc… methods we often unwittingly employ in “measuring” ourselves and those around us. Breaking free from the constraints of this conditioned thinking allows us access to a more empowered perception: one able to recognize and operate in the unlimited realm of ourselves and others. It begins with you.

Developing an unconditional, unshakable, know-like-you-know-like-you-know-like-you-know mindset of complete self-confidence requires training. This training involves shutting down the dark shadow voice that aspires to stop you in your tracks and employing methods that build your YES I CAN muscle. Insert an easily remembered affirmation as a repeated thought whenever stinkin thinkin invades your brain. Use a simple mantra such as, “My spiritual capacity is unlimited” every time your belief in self is on shaky ground or you’re called upon to do something you’re fearful of. Operate in FITYFI mode until one day you realize you’re no longer “faking it”.

If you weren’t yet aware of spiritual confidence, your self-confidence up to now has most likely been fueled by external measurements of yourself that we spoke of earlier. Don’t dismiss these facets of yourself or ANY facets of yourself! They all have their place in your divine being. Celebrate and appreciate all that you’ve been given externally- be it good looks, wealth, wellness, knowledge, etc… understanding that if it’s been given to you it was done so with a higher purpose in mind that’s bigger than just you. Acknowledging that it didn’t come from you is also paramount. Yep, you heard me right. It didn’t come from you. That is not to say that you may not have worked hard (hard work on your part is YOUR role in your journey and is a GIVEN that goes without saying!) for “what you have” or “to get where you are” or to “know what you know” but if you are unable to accept that forces beyond your comprehension played a role in your current destiny, you also remove them as a resource for continued empowerment. Not because these higher forces won’t avail themselves to you, but because not seeing past yourself causes you to become blind to them, ceasing any comprehension of them you may otherwise have. We ALL experience not seeing past ourselves- our ego sees to that, but with training, we can strengthen the muscles of our being that allow us to think differently, urging us to behave differently, eventually leading us to operate in a more self-aware, empowered level of ourselves.

Having spiritual confidence is to grasp that while the external is changeable and what’s temporal in this world eventually falls away, that which is perpetual within us CANNOT be taken away. Carry that certainty with you throughout your day and move in it. SHARE IT. It’s a force that when multiplied collectively by the masses has the capacity to move mountains.

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