Start your engines

It’s Monday and it is ON!

I want to give you a quick mantra to start the week. Pocket it and be ready to circle back and have it at the ready because I can almost guarantee it will be of use to you in the near future. It comes from Brene’ Brown, episode 3 in her excellent HBOmax series Atlas of the Heart.


-Brene’ Brown

How many times do you say yes though your gut is flashing a neon NO sign in order to avoid the discomfort of not giving the answer you know the other person would like to hear?


I have found that if you pay attention to how long discomfort actually lasts you’ll be shocked to find out that it passes rather quickly. Resentment on the other hand, festers and multiplies, spreading into the crevices of your very being, threatening to overtake your heart and slowly turn it to stone. Don’t let it in. Not even one smidge.

Stand in your truth and be willing to get uncomfortable. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

I promise.

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