Get outta PARK!

How do you get out of PARK and motivate yourself into action? By tossing feelings in the back seat and allowing faith to ride shotgun

Feelings have their place in your world, but they tend to be shaky companions in that they’re often dishonest and frequently distract you from the destination you’re aiming for by leading you on wild-goose chases that have you enduring dizzying heights one moment and devastatingly low plunges the next. When they finally allow you to come up for air (possibly from under an empty bottle of some sort, a pile of discarded candy and snack wrappers, or maybe even another human being who it appears feelings may have convinced you to bring along for the ride) you take a look around, scratch your head and wonder how the hell did I get HERE? Faith on the other hand, knows where you’re headed and supports your efforts to get there by protecting you- the driver, from outside forces such as fear, doubt, and insecurity by overpowering them. Faith is fighting off the bad guys for you so that you can keep your eyes on the road, free from distraction, allowing you to arrive at your destination.

So what does this all mean for you, the person just trying to figure out how to convince yourself to get ‘er done when you don’t feel like it? It means understanding that you don’t wait to “feel” like it, you DO IT BY FAITH. I developed this daily mantra: “don’t think, don’t feel, just GET.” I repeat it every morning when that alarm goes off and I inevitably begin to start thinking “Is it really necessary to do a workout this early? I am in my 50’s now, maybe I should just take it a little easier.” yada yada yada STOP!! INSERT MANTRA: don’t think, don’t feel, just GET! This nips the thinking (and therefore, feelings) and allows me to get.What do I mean by “get”? I mean get going! Get up, get moving, get learning, get cleaning, get over yourself and GET doing whatever it is that you hear that voice within you urging you to do that your feelings are trying to distract you from. Faith blasts away feeling and assures you that taking action in the direction you’re being led will get you where you’re meant to be. If you are being led to do something, you already have everything you need to DO IT! Faith says: You’ve GOT this- you can’t get it wrong. There IS no wrong! There is the mission: (your goal) the distraction: (your feelings) and your ally: (your faith) You WILL get to your destination, but first you’ve got to get out of PARK. Stop waiting to feel like it and just get.

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