Once more- to take into ’23

As I said before: you already KNOW this. All of it- on some level or another, be it consciously or otherwise. Any message I’m going to share on these pages you already know.

As do I.

That’s not the point.

The point is utilizing the knowledge of what we know in the moments we need it most in order to serve our intended endeavors.

Through repetition.

That’s what training is: performing a challenge on a recurring loop, strengthening the muscle through repetition. As the muscle adapts, the stress load on it must be increased to ensure growth.

Often times I can’t make sense of life here. So it’s shown to me in terms I can relate to.

Just as physical workouts strengthen my body, soul workouts strengthen my being, empowering my soul.

When growth is my intention I’m more readily able to perceive every challenge as an opportunity to achieve increased strengthening of being and I step up.


I sonuvabitch it, resist it, run from it, deny it, procrastinate around it, and close myself off to it.

Until I don’t.

Making peace with this reality means letting go of my human desire for a timeline.

The universe does not operate within the confines of timeline. But just as George Bailey tells Clarence the angel when referring to money after Clarence has told him they don’t use it in heaven: “well, it comes in pretty handy here, bub.”

Time is both handy and necessary here in the organizational manner of speaking, but becoming its bitch by endlessly chasing its illusion causes needless limitations to our pursuits.

Don’t beat up on yourself for the challenges you’ve yet to face- both those that have presented themselves numerous times only to meet with your denial, as well as those yet to come.

There’s no clock or calendar on your growth.

You’ll know when you know. And then you’ll begin.

Precisely when you were meant to.


2 thoughts on “Once more- to take into ’23

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  1. As a short story writer, I can relate to this post in so many ways. The idea of utilizing the knowledge we already possess and strengthening our understanding through repetition is something that resonates with me as a writer. I also appreciate the reminder that growth doesn’t have to be confined to a timeline, and that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for the challenges we face. It’s a powerful reminder to stay present in the moment and to trust the process of growth.

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    1. Your inspired words are my divine energetic jolt for today- coming in exactly when needed! When you said you appreciated the powerful reminder to stay present in the moment and trust the process of growth, you served to remind ME of that which I knowlikeIknowlikeIknow but which often gets diluted in the murky waters of day to day worldly life. Like everybody else, it doesn’t take one jolt or (even hundreds!) to keep moving in faith on an unseen path, it takes the perpetual energy of each of us- reminding one another that WE’VE GOT THIS and giving each other positive jolts as we’re led to. Your comment has lifted and propelled me in my inching forward Sebastian and I thank you.

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