Tear-It-Up Thursday

What is Tear-It-Up Thursday? TIU Thursday is my reminder to show up 100% in whatever I’m working on. This may seem like a no brainer, but in reality there are a magnitude of outside factors that keep me from ripping with gusto into the tasks that are in front of me that may sometimes appear insignificant, unsubstantial, or to sum it up in 3: the blah blah blah stuff of life. My inner coach has advised that every task put before me has significance and issued TIU Thursday as a means of reiterating that fact by encouraging a new perspective brought on by fresh resolve, blood-pumping music, and over-the-top Roarrrring and bicep flexing to psych myself up while I lapse into fake-it-til-u-feel-it mode and wholeheartedly get ‘er done. For more on why that’s not actually “fake” at all, click HERE. To put it simply, I quit comparing what’s on my plate to what others have going on and put renewed positive energy into what I’ve got going on, whatever that may be. I fire myself up with the clear understanding that my path has been individualized for me to induce the life lessons specific to my journey and they need not make sense to my human reasoning or to the rest of the world in order to confirm their significance. They merely need my belief. So I pump myself up, then I tear it up. Care to join in? It’s Thursday after all. And we’re here to kick ass. Repeat after me: Roarrrr!! Yeah. We’ve got this.

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