Working In Secret

Pssst… you there. Yeah, you- the one working your ass off with no recognition and perhaps wondering why. The universe has laid it on my heart that you’re due for an energy boosting reminder that you are neither forgotten nor unseen and your work is important. It was laid on my heart to re-post this message for anybody who’s ready to quit but keeps going anyway. Don’t give up- the world needs you!

I’m undercover. I’ve got stuff going on that nobody else knows is going on. Others can’t see it, aren’t affected by or at this point, interested in it, so for them it doesn’t exist. Rather than inform them, only to subsequently feel responsible for convincing them of the importance of these things that sometimes can’t be seen and yet nonetheless are real, I’ve committed to working in secret. Contentedly. Even when I’m not. Because yes- sometimes it gets frustrating when nobody understands that though appearance-wise you may seem to be going about your life in a yada yada yada nothing-up-with-me manner, you’re actually in the midst of something that, frankly speaking, is rocking your world, tempting you to yell, “hey world, don’t you have the slightest clue that THIS IS FUCKING HUGE?” You don’t want to do that. Not yet. I’m here to tell you why.

When you work in secret, it’s about you and you- no outside interference mucking up your flow. Personally, I also include in this equation the universe, higher power, God, the Divine, Source -please, let’s not get caught up in what we need to “call” it- if you believe there is an additional Force at work in your life, by all means, invite it in and allow yourself to be guided. If that’s not a belief you align with, don’t concern yourself with what doesn’t resonate- just keep moving forward with the you and the higher you. In the beginning especially, when the fruits of your labor are invisible to the naked eye, this requires working in faith. It also requires the discipline not to quit when you are receiving no immediate rewards for your sacrifice. If you think about it, that’s rarely how we live our lives. Whether we realize it or not, we often require immediate gratification- some sort of reward, compensation, or even just a pat on the back. Not when you’re working in secret. From this point on, you require NOTHING. Yeah, you heard me right. I said NOTHING. I know it’s difficult, so say it along with me: I REQUIRE NOTHING. To the person struggling with the challenge of losing or gaining weight and gearing up to quit your workout program because that scale’s not moving in the direction of or at a pace you’re satisfied with and nobody sees the difference anyway, go get your ass moving and yell it: I REQUIRE NOTHING! To the person giving up alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, shopping, overeating, etc… on the verge of jumping back into the familiar because it scarcely seems worth the discomfort of going without while those around you indulge, look your discomfort in the eye and shout it: I REQUIRE NOTHING! To the injured/hurting/illness diagnosed individual working at what sometimes feels like a snail’s pace to break through the pain to bring healing and strength back to their body and being, let that warrior call ring out: I REQUIRE NOTHING! To the older person quietly learning and gearing up for their future unveiling in secret, who has spent most of their lifetime focused on the needs of others, their abilities and gifts unnoticed and for the most part unappreciated by a world that values most what it can define by dollar signs, say it right along with me: I REQUIRE NOTHING!

You don’t need anyone to validate you. You don’t need a pat on the back. You don’t need to justify the contributions you make or the ways in which you make them. You just need the conviction within to keep going when fear tries to convince you that you’ve got nothing left to go on and you’re running on fumes. Run on those fumes, for they are the fumes of faith! Your willingness to continue indicates that you are ready to let go of the control of that which you can see with your eyes and make sense of and lean into an alternate power that has been available to you all along, should you choose to use it. Work in secret. Require nothing while you do so. The work you need to do is your own. When and if the time comes for the rest of the world to know what you’re working on, they’ll be made aware of it. And when that time comes you will realize that you’ve raised yourself to a place where you don’t even give a damn that they do.

Every time you work at something in your life that possibly nobody else can see immediately (weight loss, muscle gain, education, life and spirit enrichment, health gains, personal chall

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