Taking charge

You are in charge of your life.

I need to hear that. Often. Maybe you can benefit from the reminder as well, so I’m going to say it again with emphasis for all who choose to be reminded:

YOU are in charge of your life.

Here’s the part that used to trip me up: if you’ve decided, once and for all, that you’re going to take charge of your life, taking charge seems a misnomer because you don’t need to take what you already have. But do we actually have something if we’re unaware that we possess it in the first place? How can we utilize something, the existence of which, we have not yet recognized?

By acknowledging it as being so first.

This is how I eventually made sense of it for myself: abdominal muscles. Everybody has abdominal muscles, but not all present visibly as a six pack.

That doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Every muscle in your physical body is already there. To see them you must use them. To use them is to strengthen them. The stronger they become, the more evidence we see of their existence and the more easily we believe in their capacity, because now we’ve experienced confirmation and we become fueled by this proof.

But often the belief must come before the proof. You must be willing to believe in what you can’t see in order to eventually see it. This one of life’s The Polar Express “BELIEVING is seeing” situations.

We believe by faith what will later show as fact.

You can’t see what I consider to be the muscles of your being with your eyes, and there’s no googleable option labeling its anatomy to provide further proof.

That doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Every life situation involves the muscles of your being. If you delve deeper into this philosophy, you will find that some of your muscles have been utilized more readily than others. These are the muscles you’re more apt to continue to use on a regular basis because you’ve strengthened them to the point where working them is nearly effortless. Anything that “comes naturally” is due to your continued use of specific well-utilized muscles.

The underused muscles are another story. Because you haven’t used them, you are not shown proof of them, often resulting in doubt of their existence, which causes further negligence of a viable muscle that simply requires strengthening.

YOU are in charge of your life.

The understanding of this is a muscle of your being.

Visible proof comes after the belief that leads you to do the work.

It will often be uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

It may involve blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s not always pretty and you may feel embarrassed, humiliated, and misunderstood in the process.

This breaking down is what builds the muscle, resulting in the growth that becomes your proof.

Everything you need is already within, waiting for your acknowledgement and utilization.

YOU are in charge.


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