It’s my life- don’t you forget.

Whether it’s Talk Talk or No Doubt in my ear, the reminder is simple:

“It’s my life- don’t you forget.”

So many times I’d be walking along, listening to their words and thinking about all the fuckers spiritual agents of change on my journey who had failed to understand that my life was indeed my life and could have benefitted from my reminding them.

In my imagination, where I spend a fair portion of my time, this is what I look like when I’m setting them straight with the reminder (and possible face slap) making it clear as to just what’s what.

Mia Wallace would never need to remind anyone that it was her life.

I eventually realized that neither did I. I just needed not to forget it. It didn’t actually have to do with anybody else. I needed to get it and I needed to OWN IT. Permanently and without fail.

The only one who ever needs reminding that it’s your life is YOU.

When you live and operate in the knowing of this certitude there is no wiggle room in which others bother to question it.

Your being makes it clear.

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