Hit it and quit it? Nah

Juicy J is not alone- there are times when we all would like to hit it and quit it. Obviously, who wouldn’t? Life has shown me that I’m not the only one who would like to do what I want to do when I want to do it, get the results I desire with whatever amount of effort I decide to put into it, and then when I’m finished, bored, or otherwise engaged, simply drop it and move along. I can’t speak for your sex life, but in regard to your fitness journey: not gonna happen.

If you’re thinking that’s bad news, think of it this way- you’re not expected to get it all done at once, so you don’t need to concern yourself with the ending. If you’ve got weight to lose- there’s no expiration date. If you’d like to begin an exercise program- there’s no expiration date. If you’d like to kick your current workout into higher gear-there’s no expiration date. Do you need to do the work? Absolutely. But without an end date. Whatever your goal is, you are not going to self-destruct if it doesn’t happen in the time frame you’ve assigned it. Ask yourself the following: where did I get this time frame? Why does it matter? How does assigning this time frame determine which methods I use to reach my goal? What happens at the end of the time frame when i’ve met/haven’t met the goal? Don’t rush through to get to your answers. Take time to ponder them and write them down when you receive them. Doing so will reveal pertinent information individual to you that will ultimately help you with your goal.

I encourage you to consider that your only limitations are those that you put upon yourself. When you assign yourself a time frame, you are putting a limitation in place. You are also alluding to an end. As I said above, with fitness, you don’t hit it and quit it. Like education, it’s a lifelong endeavor. You don’t stop learning when you’re no longer in school. Instead, you seek out education in every area of life, which serves to enhance the life you’re living. So it is with fitness. You don’t stop when your body looks any particular way. You just don’t stop. Period. And when you get to the place where you truly understand what I’m saying, you won’t even want to. Your magic has been engaged. Throw the clock out the window and enjoy the ride.


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