That first step

Let’s say you’ve been led to move your body daily, hoping to drop some weight in the process. After reading positive research about the benefits of walking you decide that along with making healthier food choices, you’ll start logging in those 10,000 steps quoted in a study you’ve read deemed to be a reasonable amount for a healthy adult. You tell a friend. Turns out they’ve read … Continue reading That first step

Holiday Weight Gain Fears? Consider this:

Food has no power over you. I’ll rephrase that: food has no power over you except the power you give it, as with everything and everyone else. I feel you mulling that over in your mind, thinking about how you and your situation are different and there are people and things in your life that have power over you that you have surely not given power to, they just have it. You hate it, … Continue reading Holiday Weight Gain Fears? Consider this:


If you’re doing as you’ve been led to do, don’t throw in the towel the first or 100th! time “logic” (often exacerbated by voices from the crowd) asks you, “what am I getting out of this?” Forget about the return for now and keep moving forward faithfully. Only later is it revealed to us that often what we understand to be our goal was never actually … Continue reading Thisclose

Spiritual Confidence 101

According to Hal Slocumb, “brains will only get you so far and luck always runs out.” The Masters add this: “but combined with all you have within, your capacity is more immense than human logic allows you to comprehend. Intelligence and luck have their limits. Spiritual capacity is limitless.” BOOOOOOOOM!! That blows me away with its possibilities… What I’m shown: in the human sense, you’re … Continue reading Spiritual Confidence 101